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My name is Erica and I’m a 23 year old from Rhode Island, currently living in Connecticut.  I have a huge interest in the health and fitness world due to my own journey and supplemented through my discovery of healthy living blogs.  I am also an Emerald Beachbody health and fitness coach and member of the rapidly growing team, Shrednation!

Love the Leap was started to share my journey after taking the LEAP Food Sensitivity test.  Having been diagnosed with IBS about 3 years ago, I’ve had numerous issues with my stomach.  The LEAP test has been life changing for me.  It allowed me to see exactly what foods I was reactive to, and additionally placed me on an elimination diet that has made me feel like a normal person again!  Due to the results of my test, and my life-long maintenance of kidney disease, I now eat a relatively low protein, gluten and lactose/dairy free diet.  It hasn’t been the easiest transition, but it has ultimately made me feel so much better.  My energy levels are up and my workouts are stronger than ever.

You can read about my experience with LEAP in the following posts:

So What is LEAP (Part One…)

So What is LEAP (Part Two…)

So What is LEAP (Part Three…)

My Experience With The Elimination Diet

I am by no means an expert in nutrition and fitness, but love to learn and expand my knowledge in this field.  I’m here to share my experiences and hopefully help others who may be suffering from the same condition.

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