The Streak Has Ended

Well, I went almost three full days without peanut butter, but then I gave in at around 7:30 last night.  I didn’t get home til that time and needed a quick pre-workout snack.  Let’s face it, I just need peanut butter in my life.

I completed another Nike Training Club workout and it was a killer!  This particular workout was done circuit style and included moves like pushups with feet on a medicine ball, single leg dead lifts with a reverse fly, tuck jumps, and sumo squats with lateral raises.  I was wiped out afterwards.

Moving onto more exciting things…

I remember seeing SoDelicious announcing their new line of almond milk products a month or so ago– and I was extremely excited.  I’m not a coconut fan, so the coconut milk ice cream never really appealed to me.  But almond milk?  I’m all over that.

Once I saw the ice cream at Whole Foods, I bought it without hesitation– even though the $5.99 price tag hurt a little…

This ice cream definitely exceeded my expectations.  Not going to lie, I anticipated it to be on the icy side, but boy was I wrong.  The texture was so creamy!  It tasted exactly like real vanilla ice cream.  If you are dairy and/or soy free, this is definitely the ice cream for you!

What is your favorite dairy free ice cream?  Have you ever given up your favorite food?  How long did it last?

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